Customer Service

Customer Service

TRANS FAST FINANCIAL SERVICES, SA, has a Customer Service Department (hereinafter referred to as “SAC”) for the attention of inquiries and the resolution of complaints and claims presented by its clients, in relation to their interests and legally recognized rights.

You may exercise your right to submit your query, complaint or claim, by filling in the form that we can provide:

– At the Main Headquarters of the Entity at the address: Batalla del Salado st., 25 CP .: 28045 Madrid

– Through the Offices of the Agent Network where the query, complaint or claim originated,



– By email or through this website.



MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM


Once the claim has been processed by the means previously provided and the response has not been satisfactory for you or if the period of one (01) month has elapsed from the presentation of the claim to the Customer Service (SAC) of TRANS FAST FINANCIAL SERVICES, SA without having received a response, and having exhausted the route of our Customer Service Department.

You can contact the Department of Market Conduct and Claims of the Bank of Spain to make complaints and claims to them, to the following address:

Department of Market Conduct and Claims

Postal Address:

Bank of Spain

C / Alcalá 48 28014 Madrid

Telephone: 900 54 54 54/91 338 8830


From Monday to Friday (except holidays in Madrid), telephone service from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Through its Electronic Headquarters at the following URL:

Term of resolution:

For more information you can consult the Customer Service Regulations. CLICK HERE

TRANS FAST FINANCIAL SERVICES, S.A has a Regulation for Customer Service (RCS), which contains the formal procedures for the presentation, processing and resolution of complaints and claims. The document is available to customers in the offices of the Network of Agents of the Entity.


TRANS FAST FINANCIAL SERVICES, S.A dispone de un Reglamento del Servicio de Atención al Cliente (SAC), en el cual se encuentra los procedimientos formales para la presentación, tramitación y resolución de quejas y reclamaciones. El documento está a disposición de los clientes en las Oficinas de la Red de Agentes de la Entidad. PINCHA AQUI





Claims with the intention of obtaining the restitution of interest or right, that make clear specific facts referring to actions or omissions of financial institutions supervised by the Bank of Spain that suppose, for those who formulate them, a prejudice to their interests or rights and that derive from alleged breaches, by the entities claimed, of the rules of transparency and protection of customers or good practices and financial uses.

Complaints about delays, inattention or any other type of deficient action observed in the operation of financial institutions supervised by the Bank of Spain.

Consultations on matters of general interest on the rights of users of financial services in matters of transparency and protection of the banking clientele, or on the legal channels for the exercise of such rights.

Management of the additional information that is received to complete the precise documentation in order to transfer the file to the entity. Reception of the allegations of the entity. Any other documentation that is received to be included in the file in each of the procedures.

Source: Bank of Spain

Main Applicable Regulation.

Royal Decree-Law 19/2018, of November 23, on payment services and other urgent financial measures.

Law 7/2017, of November 2, by which Spanish Directive 2013/11 / EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 21, 2013, regarding the alternative resolution of litigation in the matter, is incorporated into the Spanish legal system of consumption – hereinafter the Law -, makes it necessary, in accordance with the provisions of the first Additional Provision, to accommodate the operation and procedure of the current claims services to the provisions of that regulation.

Law 10/2014 on the organization, supervision and solvency of credit institutions.

Order ECC / 2502/2012, of November 16, which regulates the procedure for submitting claims to the claims services of the BdE, the CNMV and the DGSyFP (entry into force May 22, 2013)

Law 44/2002, of November 22, on measures to reform the financial system (Art. 29 and 30) Opens in a new window.

Order ECO / 734/2004, of March 11, on the departments and customer services and the client’s defender of the financial entities.