Which are Trans-Fast’s bank account numbers?

Our bank account numbers are available here.

What if I don’t have the documents we need?

If it’s your first transaction and you want to transfer less than £600, we can do it so long as you give us everything next time.
If you live with someone else, you can also give us a signed declaration from them, along with proof of their ID and address.

Where can I get more help?

There are more FAQs in our Customer Service Portal.

You can submit a query here if you’ve got any more questions or concerns about Trans-Fast.

What is a ‘certified copy’ of a document and where can I get one?

This is a photocopy that’s been verified by someone who’s seen the original document. You can get a certified copy of one of your documents from a post office, a consulate, a bank manager or a notary.

What documents do I need to register?

For proof of ID, we need: a passport, driving license or UK card. Students can give us a letter from their school, college or university.
For proof of address, we need: a recent utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement.