About us

What’s our background?

With over 20 years of money transfer experience, we’re as reliable as a regular bank.
Trans-Fast can be used in more than 60 countries. We can move money quickly and safely.
We’re highly specialised and we pride ourselves on offering an impressive service to our customers.


What’s our philosophy?

In a nutshell: we want to be the first company you think of if you need to transfer your money.
We’ll stay on top of the industry. We have excellent relationships with all the banks, pay-out networks and partners in the countries that we operate in, so you can always trust us to deliver the quickest and safest money transferring techniques.
We’re cheaper than the banks and we offer a more complete and efficient service, so expect less bureaucracy and a quicker turnaround than anything else on the market.


Who do we help?

We mainly help people who are travelling abroad earning wages and who need to send money home safely to their families.


Your money is safe.

Trans-Fast is authorised and regulated by Banco de España (Registration nº 6813)